Maximum Flexibility for Savvy Investors

Most participants in the Adventist HealthCare Retirement Plan (AHRP) will find all the investment flexibility they need—and want—in either the target retirement choices or the AHRP investment options. But there are a few participants—the truly savvy investors—who may want something more to put together a retirement savings strategy. It’s for those participants with unique needs and investment skills that AHRP offers the Self-Directed Brokerage Window (SDBW).

Through the SDBW option, you can invest a portion of your AHRP account in a broad marketplace of mutual funds and exchange-traded funds. These additional investment options are offered to you through a feature that works like a brokerage account within the AHRP. To use the SDBW, you should have a good understanding of the investment markets and a sound knowledge of investment principles.

Consider the SDBW if: Invest in Other AHRP Funds if:
  • You need added flexibility that’s not available through the other AHRP funds to create an investment portfolio for your retirement savings.
  • You have the expertise to select investments from a broad marketplace of investment options.
  • You have the time it takes to initially choose your investments and then monitor and manage them over time.
  • You are comfortable working with a brokerage account, or you have a financial advisor you trust who can direct how you invest within the SDBW.
  • You don’t have the time or the expertise to select, monitor, and manage your investments from a broad marketplace.
  • You prefer a limited set of funds from which to choose.
  • You like the fact that the AHRP Investment Committee monitors the funds offered based on quality standards.
  • You are not comfortable with the idea of holding a brokerage account within your AHRP account.

While the SDBW option provides the most flexibility, it is not for everyone. It takes considerable time, knowledge, and research. To manage this investment approach effectively, you will need to monitor your investments routinely and make periodic adjustments. Because you choose your own investments, you assume the risk and responsibility for the investments you select.

If You Choose to Invest in the SDBW

To direct a portion of your investments into the SDBW, you’ll need to set up a Self-Directed Brokerage Window account. You can do this online. Simply access your account and log on. You’ll find more information about your investment options, including how to open an account through the SDBW. You can link to the SDBW to learn more about available funds, related fees, minimum balance requirements, and up-to-date return information.

Once you’ve established an SDBW, you’ll be able to go online to see details of your holdings and buy, sell, and/or trade funds.

Every individual has his or her own unique needs for retirement savings. When your investment needs go beyond what the AHRP basic funds offer, the SDBW gives you the added flexibility you need—plus the tools and services you need to make it happen.