Personalize Your Investments: Create Your Own Portfolio

Do you like to “do it yourself”? If you like to research and analyze asset allocations and fund options, then assembling your own retirement savings portfolio may be the option for you! And, great news—the AHRP makes it easy by providing a wide range of fund options across all major asset classes.

Fund Choices

This set of funds represents a wide range of asset classes. The AHRP Investment Committee chooses investments to represent each asset class based on quality standards. Plus, some of the funds selected are considered “socially responsible” funds because they invest only in companies that meet certain ethical or social standards.

Funds Available in the AHRP

Investment OptionAsset Class
AHRP Capital Preservation Account Stable Value
Prudential IncomeFlex Target® Vanguard Balanced Index Fund* Retirement Income
PIMCO Total Return Fund
Comerica SDA Total Bond Market Index Fund1
Bond Funds
American Funds American Balanced Fund—Class A
Fidelity Balanced Fund
Pax World Balanced Fund1
Balanced Funds
(Stocks and Bonds)
Comerica SDA Large Cap Equity Index Fund1
Vanguard Institutional Index Fund Institutional Plus Shares
American Funds Washington Mutual Investors Fund—Class A
T. Rowe Price Institutional Large Cap Growth Fund
Large-Cap Equity Funds
Comerica SDA Small-Mid Cap Equity Index Fund1
CRM Mid Cap Value Fund
Harbor Mid Cap Growth Fund
Mid-Cap Equity Funds
Morgan Stanley Institutional Small Company Growth Fund—Class B
Victory RS Partners Fund
Small-Cap Equity Funds
American Funds EuroPacific Growth Fund—Class A
Fidelity Diversified International Fund
Comerica SDA International Equity Fund1
International Equity Funds
DFA Emerging Markets Value R2 Emerging Markets Equity
AllianzGI Technology Fund
Cohen & Steers Realty Shares
Hartford Global Health HLS IA Fund
MFS Utilities Fund—Class A
Sector Funds2

*Please refer to the prospectus or the Important Considerations document by logging on to your account.

1Socially responsible fund.
2May include funds that span the risk-and-return spectrum.

You’re in charge, but not alone

When you create your own portfolio, you’re in charge of researching and analyzing asset allocation and fund options to develop your own retirement strategy. But, you don’t have to do it alone — we’ll provide tools and resources to help you make smart decisions and reach your retirement goals.

For example, Aon Hewitt Financial Advisors (AFA) offers two ways to help you manage your AHRP investments:

  • Online Advice—if you want to manage your own account and just need some help fine-tuning what you’re doing; or
  • Professional Management—if you’d like AFA to manage your account for you.

Additional Considerations

Investment professionals recommend a balanced, diverse investment plan that takes your age, retirement objectives, and other factors into account. In addition to the fund options listed above, you may also consider the T. Rowe Price Retirement Trusts (target retirement choices) as a partial solution to developing your portfolio. You can always change your fund selections at a later date. In fact, it’s wise to review your investment strategy—and make the necessary changes—at least once a year.