Get Help

Whatever your situation, you’re not alone in the AHRP. You have the flexibility to choose the kind of help that’s right for you.

Target Retirement Choices—Not sure how to invest? No problem. The T. Rowe Price Retirement Trusts simplify investing. You choose a trust based on your age and the investment mix is created and managed for you.

Aon Hewitt Financial Advisors—Find out how Online Advice and Professional Management can make your investment decisions a lot easier.

AHRP Regional Representatives—Meet one-on-one with an AHRP representative at your work location.

The Difference Help Can Make

According to a recent study1, help can make a big difference. On average, people receiving professional investment help (target retirement choices, Online Advice, or Professional Management) experience 3.32% higher median annual returns (net of fees). That could lead to 79% more retirement wealth in 20 years!

1Help in Defined Contribution Plans: 2006 through 2012 published May 2014.