Why Enroll?

If you enroll and start contributing to AHRP, you may receive extra contributions from your employer. You can also get help with investing from professional investment advisors.


If you’re an employee of an employer that participates in the AHRP, you may be eligible to join the plan, provided that you aren’t covered by a collective bargaining agreement, which would preclude your participation.

To contribute a portion of your income to the AHRP, you simply need to be employed by an AHRP participating employer.

In addition, your employer will begin making basic contributions on your behalf if you:

  • Work in an eligible position;
  • Receive pay for at least 1,000 hours in a calendar year; and
  • Will be at least 18 years of age by the end of the year in which you meet the other eligibility requirements.

AHRP Advantages

The AHRP offers you several advantages that you may not find with other retirement savings plans:

Extra Money From Your Employer

If you’re eligible to start contributing to the plan, your employer may make matching and basic contributions to your AHRP account. To see how much you may receive in employer contributions, see the AHRP participating employers list.

What’s Vesting?

You vest in—or earn ownership of— employer contributions and their related earnings based on how long you’ve worked for an AHRP employer.

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Matching Employer Contributions

Your employer contributes up to 50 cents for every dollar you put into your account, up to 4% of your eligible pay. AHRP is your only retirement savings option that offers you this advantage.

For more about how matching contributions work, see the Only in the AHRP article.

Basic Employer Contributions

If you’re eligible, your employer makes another contribution to your AHRP account each year—whether you contribute to AHRP or not.

5-Year Vesting Period

The money you contribute to your account, and any earnings on those contributions, are always yours.  To be fully vested in AHRP employer contributions and earnings, you need five years of vesting service with any AHRP employer.

If you’re fully vested and leave your employer, you have access to 100% of the employer contributions and earnings in your account.

Flexible Investment Choices

AHRP offers many saving and investing choices and gives you the flexibility to choose the solution that best meets your needs. Your investment options include:

Help with Investing

Overwhelmed by all the choices? Already investing but wondering if you can do better? Through the AHRP, you have several ways to get help with investing, including two types of advice from Aon Hewitt Financial Advisors:

  • Professional Management — If you’re eligible, Aon Hewitt Financial Advisors will create a personalized plan, manage your investments, and send you quarterly updates. The affordable fee for this service is based on the size of your AHRP account.
  • Online Advice — If you want to manage your own account and just need some help fine-tuning what you’re doing, personalized Online Advice from Aon Hewitt Financial Advisors may be right for you. There is no additional cost to you for this service.

Two Plans, One Name

The Adventist HealthCare Retirement Plan (AHRP) is actually two plans: a 401(a) plan and 403(b) plan. This structure gives AHRP the flexibility to offer you several ways to plan, save, and invest for retirement.