Update Personal Information

To ensure that you get information quickly and have full access to your AHRP account, it’s important to update your personal information. This includes your contact information and beneficiaries.

Postal Address Changes

If you’ve changed your permanent postal address and:

  • Work for an AHRP participating employer—give the information to your human resources department
  • No longer work for an AHRP participating employer—contact the AHRP Retirement Center at 1-800-730-AHRP (1-800-730-2477) and provide your updated address.

Personal Email Address and Phone Number Changes

To make changes to your personal email address or phone numbers:

  • Log on to your account;
  • Choose “Your Profile;” and
  • Choose “Personal Information.”

Beneficiary Updates

It’s important to decide who will receive your AHRP balances if you die. To choose primary and contingent beneficiaries or update your beneficiary information:

  • Log on to your account;
  • View the Savings and Retirement menu; and
  • Choose the “Beneficiaries” link.

You’ll also be asked to sign a paper beneficiary designation form unless you’re married and you’re naming your spouse as your beneficiary.

If you had previously chosen your beneficiaries with a paper beneficiary designation form and access your account through this site, you must enter your beneficiary information to view it online. This is because only AHRP Retirement Center representatives have access to the electronically-scanned paper document.

After You Choose or Update Beneficiaries

The AHRP Retirement Center may ask you to provide more documentation after you choose beneficiaries or make changes. For example, if you’re married and name someone other than your spouse as your primary beneficiary, your spouse’s signature is required.