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From this page, you can access articles, videos, tools, and other resources. These can help you learn more about how to save, invest, and take full advantage of Adventist HealthCare Retirement Plan (AHRP).


Get to Know the AHRP Employer Group A (video)
(Find your Employer Group or details for Employer Groups C, D, and E)

Get to Know the AHRP Employer Group B (video)
(Find your Employer Group or details for Employer Groups C, D, and E)

Only in the AHRP

The AHRP Advantage

How Much Is Enough?

Before-Tax or Roth After-Tax

Pre-Tax vs. Roth: Which Is Better? (PDF)

Contribute or Convert to a Roth After-Tax Account

Putting Time on Your Side

Deal with Debt


A Simple Way to Invest: A Target Retirement Choice

Personalize Your Investments: Create Your Own Portfolio

Prudential IncomeFlex Target® Fund

Discover the Prudential IncomeFlex Target® Fund (video)

Maximum Flexibility for Savvy Investors

Basics of Retirement Investing

How to Choose a Mutual Fund

Asset Allocation

Investment Risk: Don’t Avoid It (tutorial)

Rollovers (PDF)

Retirement Planning

Help is Here (video)

The Importance of Saving for Retirement

Creating Your Retirement Goals: Easy as 1, 2, 3

Your Choices for Receiving Your Retirement Savings

Before You Begin Receiving Your Savings

Your Retirement Checklist for Every Age

Planning Your Retirement Assets Withdrawal

Rollover Options: Changing Jobs or Retiring

Annuity Options: Choices for Today’s Retiree

FAQs About Retirement Income


Taking a Loan from Your AHRP Account

Loans (PDF)

AHRP Account Access

Access to Your AHRP Account (PDF)

Passwords (PDF)