How to Enroll

Before you enroll to start contributing to the AHRP, there are a few questions you’ll need to consider:

  • How much will you save each pay period (a percentage of your pay or dollar amount)? To see how much will be left in your paycheck, use the Impact on Paycheck calculator.
  • When do you want to pay taxes on your contributions and earnings (i.e. before you put the money in your AHRP account or when you take it out)?
  • How do you want to invest your savings (for example in a target retirement choice or other fund option)?

Don’t know how much to contribute or how to invest? Use the Quick Enrollment option. Or, are you an experienced investor and want to make your own choices?Use the Advanced Enrollment option.

Quick Enrollment Option

There are no decisions for you to make. You will automatically be enrolled so:

  • You contribute 4% of your before-tax pay; and
  • Your savings are invested in a T. Rowe Price Retirement Trust Fund (a target retirement choice based on your age)

Advanced Enrollment Option

You make decisions to create your own investment portfolio:

  • You decide how much you’ll contribute, before-tax or after-tax; and
  • You choose which investment funds you’ll use to grow your savings.

Log On to Enroll

To enroll so that you can start contributing:

  • Access Your Account
  • On the Log On page, enter your user ID and password and choose “Log On”
    • If you need a user ID and password because you haven’t used the Web site or the automated phone system before, choose the “Are You a New User?” link and follow the instructions.
    • If you’ve forgotten your user ID and/or password, choose the “Forgot User ID or Password” link and follow the prompts.
  • After you log on, go to the Savings and Retirement menu, and under “Contributions” choose “Start Saving.”

Authorize Your Choices

You must authorize your savings and investment choices by completing the Signature Authorization/Enrollment Form (PDF) and returning it to your Benefits Department or sending it by fax to 1-847-554-1428. (No cover letter is needed.)

If you want to enroll online or by phone, you must complete and return the form first.

Your savings and investment choices don’t take effect until AHRP processes the Signature Authorization/Enrollment Form.


To move money into your AHRP account from another employer’s eligible retirement, also complete and mail the Rollover Contribution Form (PDF)