Your AHRP Account Structure

The Adventist HealthCare Retirement Plan (AHRP) is designed to help you achieve a financially secure retirement. For most participants, the AHRP is actually two plans that both work to provide you with income for retirement, the AHRP 401(a) Plan and the AHRP 403(b) Plan.

What’s the difference in these two plans? It’s where the contributions come from.

Why are there two plans?

There are different rules that apply to employer benefits provided to their employees and employee savings set aside for retirement. Consequently, they are subject to different regulations and legal requirements. This mainly impacts tracking loans and distributions of money from your AHRP account. As a result, the AHRP (as plan sponsor) is required to administer and present the AHRP as two distinct plans.

What does this mean for you?

The legal requirements for two separate plans should not impact most participants. If you have money in both plans, the main difference you’ll see is when it comes to taking loans and distributions.


  • You’re able to take loans by plan, up to a maximum of two loans per plan (maximum of four loans total).
  • You can indicate from which plan the loan money comes. When you pay back the loan, the money goes back into the plan from which it was taken. This will result in multiple, and separate, loan repayments.


  • You’re able to make separate distribution decisions for each plan. For example, you may decide to take installment payments from the 401(a) Plan, but you may decide to leave your 403(b) balance in the plan. At a later point in time, you may need to take a distribution of a portion of your balance in the 403(b) Plan. You may do that now that the plans are being tracked separately.

Apart from loans and distributions, the plans function as one. Your fund investments (fund elections, transfers, and reallocations) and your beneficiary designation apply across both plans. You do not need to make multiple investment and beneficiary decisions for each plan.

Viewing your plan balances

To see your AHRP balances, log on to your account. You’ll see the total account balance on the Welcome page and on the Account Summary page. You can also see your balances in each plan.

And, don’t forget to check out the Project Your Retirement Income tool, an easy way to see your full retirement picture. You’ll see both plan balances in your total, as well as other retirement income sources you may have, like Social Security.

When you receive your quarterly statement, please be aware that you will receive separate quarterly statements for each plan. To understand the total value of your AHRP account(s), you will need to add the two statement balances together.

Understanding how the AHRP works is the first step toward building a solid foundation of retirement income.

*For-profit locations do not have a 403(b) Plan. However, in these locations, plan participants may contribute their own money to the 401(a) Plan.