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Flexible Choices, Plus Help When You Need It

How much do you need to save?
How much should you invest?

These are important financial decisions when planning for your retirement future. The AHRP gives you the flexibility to choose the savings and investing solutions that best meet your needs.

Feeling overwhelmed by all the investment choices? Wondering if you can do better?

Through AHRP, you can get help from professional financial advisors. Or if you just need a little guidance, there are other self-help resources.

Investment Choices

Target Retirement Choices

The T. Rowe Price Retirement Trusts simplify investing. You choose a trust based on your age and the investment mix is created and managed for you.

Prudential IncomeFlex Target® Vanguard Balanced Index Fund

The Prudential IncomeFlex option has the simplified investing advantage of a balanced fund and offers guaranteed lifetime income.

AHRP Investment Choices

These investment choices cover a wide range of asset classes (stocks, bonds, and others). You can create an investment portfolio you manage yourself.

Self-Directed Brokerage Window

If you’re looking for a broader marketplace and have the expertise to manage your investments, this option gives you access to more non-AHRP investment choices and exchange-traded funds.

Help With Investing

Professional Management

If you have an AHRP balance of $5 or more and aren’t invested in the Prudential IncomeFlex Target® Fund, you can enroll in Professional Management*. Aon Hewitt Financial Advisors will create a personalized plan, manage your investments, and send you quarterly updates. The affordable fee for this service is based on the size of your AHRP account.

Online Advice

If you have an AHRP balance of $5 or more, want to manage your own account and just need some help fine-tuning what you’re doing, personalized Online Advice from Aon Hewitt Financial Advisors may be right for you. There is no additional cost to you for this service.

*AFA does not provide advice on the Prudential IncomeFlex Target® investment due to the “guaranteed income” feature in the investment. AFA cannot model the investment within a Professional Management account, nor provide advice on it. However, for participants that elect to invest in the Prudential IncomeFlex Target® investment, the Online Advice tool is available. The tool will not provide advice on the Prudential IncomeFlex Target® investment.